Grand Designs at Budgen Peugeot

As you have probably noticed, something is a foot at Budgen Peugeot Shrewsbury.
The site is now a fever of activity with a whole host of tradesmen updating our Peugeot Buildings to ensure our customers, employees and the local community enjoy the very best that Peugeot and Budgen Motors have to offer.

The Current Budgen Peugeot interior and exterior have been familiar now for over 5 years, the new look will be a tremendous change for the future, offering a modern, technology rich building, providing a visitor friendly environment, displaying the very best of Peugeot products and services.
There are a vast amount of stages to squeeze in before the completion date at Christmas ! Yes Christmas 2016 ! Ambitious you may ask..despite the end of each day rapidly appearing, .the builders are busily engaged in taking out Floors , Heating installing and Air Conditioning, New Phone systems, new floors, new offices enlarged, New toilets in , redecoration and New furniture, we are delighted to say we are on target and happy with the progress.
The whole team at Budgen Peugeot are rolling their sleeves up, business is very much as usual, check out of Facebook page here to keep abreast of the progress