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The perfect city car - small, silent, economic to run, and 100% electric, so it's kind to the environment. The Peugeot iOn is a green car with a difference.



The iOn may be compact, but it packs a surprising punch in terms of style and versatility. Its funky styling gives it a distinctive edge and makes for an eye-catching supermini, plus the tiny turning circle and electric power steering make it agile and manoeuvrable – perfect for city driving.
You don’t have to think about turning the lights on in the iOn – they’ll come on automatically as it gets dark.


The interior of the compact iOn is surprisingly spacious. With an adaptable luggage space and collapsing rear seats, you can pack in more than you might think. All controls are within easy reach of the driver, and the iOn comes with Peugeot Connect technology for state-of-the-art audio, multimedia and sat nav systems. Take a look inside the iOn for yourself.
The open road or busy streets – in an iOn you’ll take them all in your stride. Top speed is 80mph and acceleration is impressive for an electric vehicle – it can go from 18mph to 37mph in just 3.5 seconds.


The Peugeot Connect USB box lets you listen to tracks from your MP3 player or ipod through the audio system, so you can have your entire music collection in the car with you. Bluetooth means you can also stream music wirelessly as well as make phone calls, safely hands-free.
The iOn comes with an RDE CD Audio system, as standard, so you can play your favourite tunes on the move.


The iOn comes with the latest-generation Electronic Stability Programme (ESP), which is able to detect the first signs of a sideways skid and helps reduce over steer. It keeps the car on course by reducing engine power and braking individual wheels. Department of Transport statistics reveal that cars fitted with ESP are 25% less likely to be involved in fatal accidents.
Sensors in both the front and rear seats let the driver know when a passenger’s seatbelt is left unclipped, so you can keep everybody safe and sound.
The iOn comes with a drivetrain warranty of 5 years/40,000 miles and a battery warranty of 8 years/60,000 miles. The rest of the car is warrantied for 3 years/60,000 miles.



From £15,995
Black leather wrapped gear knob
D/C rapid charging port
Peugeot Connect USB with Bluetooth®
Side airbags
Alloy wheels