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Air Conditioning change at Budgen Motor Group Shrewsbury and Telford Renault

Air-conditioning (or air-con) is not just for comfort. By keeping the cabin temperature cool in summer, air-conditioning contributes to driver alertness and therefore driving safety too. It’s a year round benefit - during winter months air-conditioning helps heat up a cabin to defrost windows quickly, to get you on your way. It also clears mist from the inside of the windscreen quickly to give you a safe view of the road ahead.

Renault recommend re-gassing the air-conditioning system every 4 years for Renault cars and vans, this service involves safely removing the existing gas, carrying out a pressure test on the air-conditioning system (to check for air-conditioning system leaks) before refilling with fresh gas which will improve cooling and heating performance.


Vehicle Health Check

R134a Air Conditioning

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R1234yf Air Conditioning

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