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Renault Electric Vehicles are the biggest selling electric vehicle (or zero emissions vehicles) in Europe. We have trained EV technicians and EV tooling to safely service, repair and maintain your Electric Vehicle.There are two types of service's which Renault cars registered after 2012 need, A and B, which are due on specific intervals.

A SERVICE £95.00

What is included in this Service?
Needed every 1,3,5 Years

- Wipers, Windscreen & Door Mirror Check
- Cabin Lighting Checks
- Hazard Warning & Exterior Light Check
- Pollen Filter Change
- Tyre & Tyre Pressure Check
- Anti - Corrosion Frame & Paintwork Check
- Engine Oil Level Check
- Break Fluid Check
- Rear Break Pads & Disc Check
- Exhaust System Check
- Steering, Driveshaft & Suspension Check
- Rear Shock Absorber Check

B SERVICE £125.00

What is included in this Service?
Needed every 2,4,6 Years

- Cabin Lighting Checks
- Hazard Warning & Exterior Light Check
- Airbag & Engine Safety labels
- Security & Immobilizer Check
- Front Break Pads & Disc Check
- Engine Leaks & Pipe Check
- Front Shock Absorber Check
- Tyre & Tyre Pressure Check
- Coolant & Break Fluid Check
- Air Conditioning System Check
- PAS Fluid Check

A&B SERVICE £125.00

What is included in this Service?

- Combination Service of A & B
- Done From 18,000 Miles A Year or Above

Car Brake Pads & Discs

We visually check your brake discs and pads every time your Renault comes to our workshop for servicing, MOT, repair, warranty or diagnostic work.

On a service we also measure the actual thickness of the brake discs and pads, comparing that to the Renault minimum thickness standard, to advise you on the wear and replacement interval to keep you safe on the road.

We also check the condition of your brake fluid and for any leaks from brake hoses, and the condition of the handbrake cables.

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Electric Vehicle Aircon

When an air conditioning system is in good condition, it also ensures a healthy interior. Air conditioning demists, controls the atmosphere in your cabin and cleans the air with a special anti-allergen filter patented by Renault.


EV MOT Prices

At Renault the MOT is part of our daily routine carried out using our Renault trained technicians, often while you wait, with access to our free WIFI, newspapers, tea and coffee.

Why not get your car serviced at the same time and maintain the Main Dealer service history?

Booking an MOT and Service together saves you time, inconvenience and gives you a total piece of mind for road-worthiness, safety reliability of your vehicle and could save you future repair costs.



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