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Plug into the positive energy

The eye-catching quadricycle Renault Twizy is a compact electric vehicle, with zero-emissions in use; it seats up to two people and is unlike anything else on the road today.

Plug it in!

Plug it in! In contrast to our other Z.E. models, with Twizy you simply open the front flap, pull out the cable and plug it into any 230V domestic socket. It Is fitted with a lithium-ion battery which offers great performance



Scissorgull-wing doors

Twizy opens itself up to the city and to others, for a different way of sharing and driving the road. Park with ease with scissorgull-wingscissor doors*

*available as an optional extra

TWIZY Dynamique Colour collections

Twizy Dynamique pushes the envelope down to the finest detail: two-toned colour collections, coloured mirrors, seat covers and diamond cut alloys, the ultimate finish. So chic goes hand in hand with fun.

Space & Storage


TWIZY Cargo 100% practical

TWIZY's rear door opens to 90° to reveal a large boot that can hold all sorts of packages. Loading, driving, parking and unloading have never been so easy. The agile Renault TWIZY will always find a spot on the corner of the street.

TWIZY size

Compact electric vehicle, champion for easy parking and unbeatable turning circle. Renault Twizy Cargo has a large 180L boot and a payload of 75kg.



On-board computer

Twizy is packed with technology, such as its on-board computer.

Energy recovery system

An automatic gearbox combined with an energy recovery system: when you lift your foot, the Twizy shifts to energy recovery mode, extending your driving range.



Panoramic clear sky roof

Enjoy all the beauty of the city with this anti-UV transparent roof*.

*available as an optional extra


Storage spaces in the two gloveboxes on the dashboard and passenger seat backrest.
A 12V socket is located in the left-hand glovebox.



Drive safely

Twizy also has a knack for protecting you. Its tubular chassis, developed by Renaultsport, protects you against impacts, and its four disc brakes offer true active safety. Combined with an extraordinary turning circle, this makes Twizy a vehicle that is not only fun, but hyper-responsive. Its passive safety is unprecedented on such a manoeuvrable vehicle. The city is a nicer place to live when you feel safe.


Twizy is equipped with an airbag in the front to protect you in the event of a collision.

Its innovative tubular structure and the driver's airbag provide optimum protection in the event of an impact.



From £6,995
Drive and speed display
Behind rear seat storage - lockable 31l
Heated windscreen - quick demist
Grey ‘Snowflake’ wheel trim


From £7,795
Additional standard equipment to Expression
Floor mats - driver and passenger
A choice of 14 colour collections
Alloy wheels - 13" ‘Diamond’ gloss black / orange / blue (depending on colour collection)


From £7,995
Additional standard equipment to Dynamique
Transformation of rear passenger space into storage area