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New and Used Dacia Cars in Telford and Shrewsbury

Dacia are a relatively new brand to the UK and have already set the car industry on fire with unbeatable value.

Dacia is based in Romania and quickly built a reputation for offering a lot of car for your money. Even now, a few years after launch, that core philosophy of delivering quality vehicles at affordable prices remains. Dacia now goes further by offering a wide variety of vehicles with every modern amenity.

Budgen Motors sells new and used Dacia cars at our Telford and Shrewsbury dealerships.

The current Dacia range includes the Sandero, Sandero Stepway, Logan MCV, Logan MCV Stepway and the Duster.

Dacia Cars

The Dacia Sandero is an award-winning family car that delivers a lot for the money. It’s safe, effortless to drive and very easy to live with. The Dacia Sandero Stepway takes it up a notch with a more robust crossover design.

The Dacia Logan MCV is an estate car that’s ready to tackle family life. With enviable boot space, comfortable cabin and amazing value, it’s a car that’s hard to beat.

The Dacia Duster is a best-selling crossover SUV that has gone down exceptionally well with British car buyers. It offers the same equipment and technology as competing crossovers but at a much lower price.

Visit Dacia Shrewsbury and Dacia Telford for amazing deals on new and used Dacia vehicles.


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