Sell Your Car

Planning a new car purchase? Want to trade in your old car to help pay for it? Budgen can help!

We buy cars of any age, make or model.

Trading in is an exceptionally popular way to dispose of your old car. It saves the hassle and time wasters of private sales and is as simple as 1, 2, 3.

To sell your car to [Budgen}( in Telford or Shrewsbury, just follow these 3 simple steps.

  1. Enter your reg number and a few details into the box and click Value My Vehicle

  2. Book an appointment at Budgen in Telford or Shrewsbury so we can inspect your car and provide a more accurate valuation

  3. Get paid directly into your bank account or use as a deposit for your next car

Why we need your registration number

We need your registration number so we can identify your car quickly. We will also ask for the current mileage and condition as these will affect the value.

Our car valuation tools check the current value nationally and will provide a fairly accurate idea of how much your car is worth. We will confirm this or refine the valuation once we inspect the vehicle.

Why we need to inspect the vehicle

We need to inspect your car to ensure our initial valuation is accurate. We also need to verify the mileage and condition so we can sign off on the transfer of funds.

It’s a painless process that will take just a few minutes. Our qualified team of vehicle technicians will give your car a once-over while you’re checking out our inventory or taking a test drive.

Once complete, we can provide a firm valuation of the price we are willing to pay to buy your old car.

Get paid into your bank or put towards your new car purchase

If you’re selling your old car for cash, we can pay the agreed price into your bank account. If you’re trading in your old car to use as a deposit for a new one, we can pay into your bank separately or deduct the value from the cost of the new car finance.

It’s entirely up to you!

The benefits of trading in your old car

There are a few significant benefits to selling your car to a dealership. They include:

  • Less hassle
  • Better prices
  • No test pilots or timewasters
  • Safer

Less hassle

If you don’t have the time or inclination to sell your car privately, we buy any car. No need to take hundreds of pictures, answer dozens of queries or calls about the car, no having to arrange inspections or test drives and no having to put your email address or phone number on the internet!

Better prices

The trade in model has changed significantly from before. Prices are now much closer to retail and the buoyancy of the used car market means we can afford to pay you closer to market value.

No test pilots or time wasters

Test pilots, those who just want to take a car for a drive with no intention of buying, and time wasters are the bane of private sales. That’s especially true if you’re selling a performance car or more desirable model. Let us buy your car and you won’t need to contend with any of that!


Let us buy your car and you won’t have to deal with strangers, hand your phone number or address out to random people or have to sit in a car with a complete stranger while they test drive.

Our professional team is courteous, fully trained and will treat you with the utmost dignity, guaranteed!