New Citroën C5X Plug In Hybrid

As well as petrol, C5 X is available in a plug-in hybrid version, adapting to all uses for free and unrestricted day-to-day driving. New Citroën C5 X Plug-in Hybrid offers technological and modern electric mobility to boost comfort and efficiency of use: mobility in e-Comfort class.

No noise, no vibration, cleverly designed sound insulation from the road and the outside world, thanks particularly to laminated front and rear windows: on board New Citroën C5 X Plug-in Hybrid, the driving experience achieves optimal comfort and silence. The engine and electric motor combine seamlessly to ensure that the car moves off smoothly. The fast and efficient ë-EAT8 electric automatic gearbox enhances driving pleasure with 360 Nm of on-demand torque.