Our Electric Range

Budgen is pleased to stock the latest in hybrid, plug-in hybrid, mild hybrid, and fully electric vehicles in our Telford and Shrewsbury dealerships.

Lowering emissions is a global undertaking and car manufacturers are leading the way. Whether you want the convenience of electric drive with petrol backup or want to go fully electric, we have the makes and models for you.

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Electric Cars in Shrewsbury and Telford

We stock fully electric vehicles from MG, Peugeot, Renault and Citroën. All electric is ideal for city dwellers or shorter journeys.

Plug-in hybrid cars include models from Peugeot, MG, Renault and Citroën. PHEVs are perfect for city driving and longer journeys.

Mild hybrid cars from Citroën and hybrid cars from Citroën and Peugeot. Mild hybrids offer a little extra power to the engine using an electric.

All vehicles represent the latest in technology and come with the newest safety technology as well as the opportunity to drive completely green or partly green.

With governments banning the sale of fossil fuelled cars in the near future, electric is the future. Get in early and begin helping the planet with one of these leading electric cars.

We stock the latest models from leading brands including Peugeot, Renault, Citroën, MG and Dacia. If those manufacturers off an electric model, we’ll have it here!

Help keep Telford and Shrewsbury clean by driving electric. It’s something everyone can do without compromising our lifestyle.

Whether you want to keep your options open with a hybrid or go all-in with a fully electric car, Budgen has the car for you. Visit our car dealership in Telford and in Shrewsbury to see the latest offers on electric cars!