New MG Cars

Looking for new MG cars in Shrewsbury and Telford? Budgen has them all!

MG was originally part of Rover but was bought by an Asian manufacturer. After huge investment in time, money and expertise, the well-known brand has been born anew and now delivers a range of innovative cars and SUVs.

With bold modern designs, advanced engines, electric and hybrid powertrains, there is sure to be a new MG car here that’s perfect for your needs.

The new MG car range includes the MG3, MG ZS and ZS EV, MG5 EV, MG HS and the New MG HS Plug-in Hybrid.

The MG3 is a supermini that delivers modern style with great value. It’s a thoroughly modern design with real poise, ideal for city driving. It’s a great little car with an efficient engine!

MG ZS and ZS EV. The MG ZS is a SUV designed with family in mind. It has great proportions, spacious interiors, a nice design and lots of features.

The ZS EV takes that a step further with an all-electric drivetrain with 163 miles of range and the ability to fast charge up to 80% in just 40 minutes.

MG HS and MG HS PHEV. The MG HS is a larger family SUV with premium looks and features. It offers generous interiors, lots of features and safety technology.

The MG HS PHEV builds on that with an efficient hybrid drivetrain that uses a petrol engine and electric motor. With an EV range of 32 miles and a standard petrol engine, it’s the ideal introduction to greener motoring!

The MG5 EV is a premium estate car with electric drivetrain. It has a slick design with a powerful electric motor and a range of up to 214 miles on a single charge. Fast charging takes around 50 minutes to charge up to 80%.

Visit Budgen in Shrewsbury and Telford to see the full range of new MG cars!