6 of the cheapest cars to run in 2024

Looking for an affordable car? While upfront costs and finance deals may grab your attention, considering the long-term expenses is equally important. The true cost of owning a car involves fuel, maintenance, road tax, insurance and potential resale value. Enter the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), a key metric that’s often overlooked.

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Read on to discover the latest models that prove to be the cheapest cars to run – making your decision easier and more budget-friendly.


Meet the MG3 – an affordable gem with a starting price under £15,000. A 2018 facelift keeps this supermini stylish, and it boasts ample interior space, standard tech including Apple CarPlay and a 1.5L petrol engine with a fuel economy of up to 43.3mpg. The seven-year warranty offers peace of mind, and with the insurance-friendly Excite trim option, the MG3 is a budget-conscious choice.

Citroën C4 X

The first of several Citroën models on our list, the Citroën C4 X is a cheaper choice for a spacious family car. This car comfortably accommodates a family of five and their belongings, standing out as the roomiest option on this list. With exceptional ride quality typical of Citroën, the petrol-powered version in the entry-level You! trim is the most economical. The 1.2L three-cylinder engine delivers 129bhp and 230Nm of torque, offering plenty of power. Even in the basic You! trim, enjoy features like a 10-inch touchscreen, Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, dual-zone climate control and LED headlights.

Citroën C3 Aircross

Up next, another Citroën! The Citroën C3 Aircross, a small SUV with modest running costs, challenges the beliefs of high expenses associated with SUV ownership. Prioritising practicality and comfort over sportiness, this model is ideal for those seeking a refined and spacious family car on a tight budget. Keep in mind that insurance falls within groups 14–17, potentially impacting expenses for new drivers. If this isn’t a worry, the C3 Aircross offers minimal costs across the board for its size and features.

Dacia Sandero

The Dacia Sandero is not only one of the UK’s cheapest cars to buy, but it’s also remarkably economical to own. The Sandero has evolved, shedding its basic image and embracing refinement with a closer connection to the Renault Clio. Interior quality has seen significant enhancements, featuring softer-touch materials and a generous standard kit. Opt for the Bi-fuel model for the most economical choice, equipped with an LPG system to save on petrol costs.

Citroën C3

Don’t underestimate the Citroën C3, a small hatch that outshines many city cars in running costs with an emphasis on comfort over sharp handling. Despite its supermini classification, the C3 is spacious, stylish and efficient, boasting an 82bhp 1.2-litre engine with up to 53.4mpg. The straightforward spec includes electric front windows, air-conditioning, cruise control and a DAB digital radio with Bluetooth connectivity, satisfying the needs of most buyers.

Citroën Ami

Of course we’d round off our list with another Citroën! The Citroën Ami challenges traditional car norms. Impressively, it can run for as little as 39.31p per mile, translating to under £4,000 for 10,000 miles. Powered by an 8bhp motor and a 5.5kWh battery pack, with a limited range of 46 miles and a top speed of 28mph, the Ami provides a back-to-basics driving experience. With its electric powertrain and zero vehicle excise duty, it’s a cost-effective option for lower-mileage driving.

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6 of the cheapest cars to run in 2024