If you have an accident, regardless of whose fault it was, call the free MG Accident AfterCare service. We’re here to help you, 24 hours a day,

We’ll arrange for your vehicle to be recovered if it's not driveable. We’ll then record all details about your claim and liaise with your insurer on your behalf, and you will also be provided with a free courtesy car2

Save 0330 100 3167 to your mobile phone today as MG First As we know your MG, we can do something no insurer can – guarantee the highest quality repair at an MG Approved Bodyshop using only MG genuine parts, giving you total peace of mind. There’s no hassle, no claims forms and no cost.

For a free MG Accident AfterCare key tag visit or, download our MG Accident AfterCare leaflet to find out more.

SHOULDN'T I CALL MY INSURER FIRST? No. Most UK insurers want to repair your vehicle as cheaply as possible – so they send you to their ‘nominated’ bodyshop which won’t know your vehicle and may not operate to the latest MG repair standards. They even avoid using MG Genuine Parts and that could compromise the safety, warranty and resale value of your MG. So one minute your MG is 100% MG, then it isn’t.

In contrast, MG Accident AfterCare exercises your right to a repair at a MG approved accident repair centre that operates to MG repair standards and only uses MG Genuine Parts, keeping your MG, 100% MG.

Book a service today!

Book a service today!

All you need to access this amazing offer is to visit your local Budgen MG for a service.

With each service you get a free Vehicle Health Check – a visual inspection of key areas of your MG to spot any potential problems. Should you need a new part, our manufacturer-trained Service team makes use of only genuine MG parts at a competitive rate.

What’s more – your service will also be logged on our Digital Service Records system, which means that should you misplace your stamped service book, any MG dealer will be able to access the service history of your vehicle.

To discuss your needs further, or to book your car in, get in touch with your local Budgen MG today!

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