Our Mild Hybrid Range

Budgen Motors in Telford and Shrewsbury are pleased to sell a range of mild hybrid vehicles from leading manufacturers.

Mild hybrid cars are ideal for anyone making short journeys or who mainly drive in the town or city.

What is a Mild Hybrid?

Where a hybrid uses a petrol engine to recharge batteries, mild hybrid is the other way round. It uses a small electric motor and batteries to provide additional power to a petrol engine. This combination helps the engine while under load and minimises emissions as much as possible.

Mild hybrid also helps cars with stop/start functionality which are proving exceptionally popular in built-up areas.

Mild hybrid cars include the Renault Captur and Subaru e-Boxer models. Both utilise fuel-efficient petrol engines with an electric motor as backup. It’s a winning combination!

Other manufacturers are working on mild hybrid vehicles all the time so keep an eye on our Telford car dealership and our Shrewsbury dealership for news on upcoming mild hybrid vehicles.