Dacia Duster Review

Dacia came out of nowhere to shake up the car market. We hesitate to use the word ‘disruptor’ as it’s overused, but it’s definitely true in Dacia’s case and the Dacia Duster is a case in point.

Spend any time around the 2022 Dacia Duster and you’ll wonder why anyone would want to spend 2, 3 or even 4 times the money on other SUVs.

That’s especially true if you’re looking for a practical car that can transport the family, carry luggage and go places many cars can’t.

Design and interior

The 2022 Dacia Duster has kept a winning formula ever since its release in 2012. The 2022 model has taken the design upmarket a little, without changing the overall feel of the car.

This model brings new front and rear lights, a new front grille, new tailgate spoiler and new alloy wheels, but it still looks and feels like a Dacia Duster, only better.

The design uses rounded panels with very little detailing to keep things simple and approachable. The front end angles up from the floor and down from the bonnet to create an aero look even when standing still.

A rising beltline and sloping roof with roof rails looks the part without compromising rear passenger space. Inside the Dacia Duster, the cabin has seen some improvements. Higher quality upholstery, a leather-trimmed steering wheel, new armrest and storage options and electric rear windows all feature.

Otherwise, the Duster is as spacious and as comfortable as ever. It can seat 5 in comfort and still have room for the weekly shop or weekend luggage.

Engines and drivetrain

The 2022 Dacia Duster has 5 engine options. A 1.0-litre TCe 90 petrol engine, a 1.3-litre TCe petrol with two power outputs, a 1.5-litre dCi diesel and a turbocharged 1.0-litre bi-fuel engine.

That latter engine can use standard petrol or LPG to provide lower emissions compared to the standard petrol. All engines balance power with fuel efficiency and deliver acceptable levels of both.

This is an SUV after all, so you’re not going to win the traffic light grand prix. But neither are you going to be left wanting, even with all the family in the back.

There’s the option for a six speed manual or automatic gearbox with most engine options and a 4x4 option if you need to go off road.

Driving the Dacia Duster

Driving the Dacia Duster is smoother than you might imagine. As Dacia is owned by Renault, much of the underpinnings are from the company, which means a composed ride in any condition.

Engines drive smoothly and deliver steady power. Both the manual and dual clutch automatic help forward progress without any drama and the overall package seems to be well balanced and more than able to cope with British roads.

The suspension is on the soft side, but this comes into its own on country roads or in areas with poor road surfaces. Body roll is still contained though, helped by that balance.

Pros and cons of the Dacia Duster

The 2022 Dacia Duster has pros and cons just like any car.

Pros of the Dacia Duster

  • Affordable without obvious compromises
  • Decent range of engines
  • Spacious interior with room for 5
  • New design changes make it more attractive to look at

Cons of the Dacia Duster

  • Short on advanced safety technology to keep price low
  • No electric or hybrid option (does have bi-fuel though)

Verdict of the 2022 Dacia Duster

If you’re in the market for a small SUV and don’t have a big budget, the 2022 Dacia Duster delivers all the car you need.

It’s spacious, can transport all the family and some luggage. It has a spacious and comfortable interior and delivers decent power too.

If you don’t want lashings of leather or to have to spend a fortune on an SUV, the Dacia Duster delivers. It’s a very hard option to beat at this price!

Get in contact today to test drive the Dacia Duster at Budgen in Telford or Shrewsbury.

Dacia Duster Review