Are Your Contact Details Up To Date

⚡ Are Your Contact Details Up To Date? ⚡

Have you moved house, changed your mobile number or email address?

If you have and you have not contacted us to let us know can you give us a call.

It is a legal requirement that the information we hold on our customers is accurate. We use this information when we send out Service and MOT reminders as well as promotions we think you may be interested in.

There is an important safety reason to making sure your details are correct. Car manufacturers use the dealerships database if it needs to send out any product recalls.

If you think we may hold out of date information please give us a call or pop into your local dealership. It will only take a few minutes to update your records.

Call Telford ☎01952 210000. or Shrewsbury ☎0174 445611

Are Your Contact Details Up To Date