Motoring Icon at Telford Citroen

šŸš— Motoring Icon Visits Citroen Telford šŸš—

We were delighted to welcome Mr Clewley with his fantastic Citroen 2CV Charleston 1988 model. Mr Clewley bought the car in for its annual service. I think you will agree for a car that is nearly 34 years old it is in exceptional condition.

The Citroƫn 2CV (French: deux chevaux) is an air-cooled, front engine, front wheel drive car that was first introduced at the 1948 Paris Auto show.

The 2CV was conceived by Citroƫn Vice-President Pierre Boulanger who saw it as an excellent way to help motorise French farmers who at the time mainly relied on horses. The car was designed to be cheap to run and to be able to cross a freshly ploughed field (also helped with the many non paved French roads) The 2CV was built between 1948 and 1990 and more than 3.8 million were built. It was the first front wheel drive to become a million seller.

Do you own a classic Renault, MG or Citroen? Please get in touch and we could feature your pride and joy in a future post. šŸ’»

Motoring Icon at Telford Citroen